You pick the color & Fragrance

You pick the color & Fragrance

You can select any color and fragnaces that reflect your brands better. We can also offer you the most advanced micocapsulation fragrances available in the market. 
You Pick The order size

You Pick The order size

Our unique machineries allow us quick change over for different pod products.No order is too small or too big! We can make few sample pods to full container loads.
You Pick the Shape & size

You Pick the Shape & size

Want an exclusive pod shape for your new product that makes your brand unique? We are able to make any shapes you want.
Multi-chambers are possible.
*Maximum size is 1L (Vol.) & 1 kg (wt.)  

Why Choose Us ?

One Stop Solution

We can offer a wide range of services such as detergent formulation, PVA compatibility tests, rapid prototyping pods, primary and secondary package design, OEM services for private label products and many other customized solutions for our customers.

Our Brands

Machine Design

Water Soluble Film

Customized Shape

Customized Formula

Everything You Need To Start Your Own Production!

We just don't make machinery , we can also sell you the entire production line (Turnkey Service).
Detergent formulas, raw materials, process equipment, PVA films and anything else you might need to start your own capsule production line.
We are one stop for all your Capsule (POD) related need!

Meet The Highest Standard of
Eco Friendly Requirements

100% Plant BasedBio-Degradable Non-ToxicEffectiveAll Natural

The Real Eco Pro Formula


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Unimasses Group was established in 2012 when the laundry pod products were first introduced into the consumer market. The initial goal for the company was to design, engineer and build small to medium size pod making machines for the detergent packaging industries.we are working on expanding our production facility in Maryland, USA to offer our packaging services to variety of industries located in North America.


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