First Vertical Fill Seal
Laundry Pods Machine

Not like any on the market. It's unique designed for small business. With a modules design concept it can make you two in one or three in one or even powder and liquid mixed form pods on one machine! 

Single Mold Design

With this single mold design you can change the shape of the pdos with the mimum cost at 500$. The rotary one at least 30 times of that!

Adjustable Film Width

Change molds and even the film width to reach the maximum output or fit to any shape you want to make!


Splashproof Design

The high end filling nozzels make sure you won't get spash or dropping, another hand we have a plate for you to easy empty the system for cleaning. 

Remote Updating

Our machine have the remote update port allow you to make changes with our engineer even after it installed in your facilities.

Expand The Products Range With a New Formula

Our experience and knowledge of the water soluble film could help you to great a very different product .

We are Water Soluble Flims

No pollution to nature


Unimasses Group was established in 2012 when the laundry pod products were first introduced into the consumer market. The initial goal for the company was to design, engineer and build small to medium size pod making machines for the detergent packaging industries.we are working on expanding our production facility in Maryland, USA to offer our packaging services to variety of industries located in North America.


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