We Develop High Tech PVA Packaging Equipment for Less

Capsules (Pods) are becoming one of the most popular packaging choice for consumer products.
For manufacturers, production seems too expensive due to the high cost of the machinery available in the market. Our mission was to make our own equipment that is easy to operate, flexible and reliable.
This is how we can offer our customers services for their new PVA based packaging products.

Touch Panel Control

Touch Panel Control

Developed with 7 or 9 inchs touch screen,embedded with clear and easy to use HMI, making the machne easy to use.
PLC Automation

PLC Automation

Fully automated machine controled by PLC.Closeloop control system to make the machine failure safe.
Custom Design

Custom Design

Our engineering team can design special interface with your desired operational arrangement.

Linear Fill Seal
Laundry Pod Making Machine

Unlike any other machine on the market, it s specifically designed for small production. With a modular design it can be developed to make two in one or three in one or even powder and liquid mixed form pods.

Single Mold Design

With this single mold design you can change the shape of the pdos with minimal cost. The rotary versions will cost you at least 40 times more.

Adjustable Film Width

Change molds and even the film width to reach the maximum output or fit to any shape you want to make!


Splashproof Design

The high end filling nozzels make sure you won't get splash or dripping.

Easy to Maintain

The machinery systems are designed for easy access and maintanance and adjustment. 


Unimasses Group was established in 2012 when the laundry pod products were first introduced into the consumer market. The initial goal for the company was to design, engineer and build small to medium size pod making machines for the detergent packaging industries.we are working on expanding our production facility in Maryland, USA to offer our packaging services to variety of industries located in North America.


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